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Der 3SP_CO_1000 von SPEC Sensors wurde unabhängig von UL getestet und im Ergebnis als ULSTD2034 und ULSTD2075konform bestätigt. Mit den ULzugelassenen Markenkomponenten können sich OEM darauf verlassen, dass sie zuverlässige Produkte mithilfe des 3SP_CO_1000 und anderer Sensoren von SPEC Sensors erstellen können. Merkmale der Kohlenmonoxidsensoren : Kleine …

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How to make a CO detector with Arduino; Arduino Library for Analog Gas Sensor Modules (ULPSM) Arduino Library for Digital Gas Sensor Modules (DGS) Gas Sensor Datasheets. Carbon Monoxide. IOT_CO_1000Digital GasSensorModule 968028; User Manual IOTCO1000; ULSPSMCO 968001; 3SP_CO_1000 C Package 110109; 3SP_CO_1000 P Package 110102

3SP_CO_1000 P 15X15 CO Sensor 1000 ppm Package 110102 of ...


3SP_CO_1000 P Carbon Monoxide Sensor CO Sensor DESCRIPTION SPEC Sensors'' Screen Printed ElectroChemical sensor technology (SPEC Sensor) revolutionizes the current state of the art, enabling new applications in consumer and industrial safety monitoring. SPEC’s printed sensors offer the performance of the best quality electrochemical sensors at a fraction of the price. SPEC'' s printed …

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Cheap Building Automation, Buy Quality Security Protection Directly from China Suppliers:SPEC CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor 3SP_CO_1000 Package 110 102 110 109 Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return.

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SPEC Sensors; SPEC3SPCO1000P; Contact consultant: Łukasz Myśliwiec. tel.: +48 58 662 05 79. email: Ask about product. Add to favorites. Added to your watch list products. View observed. 110102 ...

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SPEC3SPCO1000P Kod producenta: 110102 Producent: SPECSENSORS. Elektrochemiczny czujnik tlenku węgla [CO], 1000ppm, piny montażowe, SpecSensors . Karta produktu; PDF; Zapytaj o produkt; Zadzwoń; Ładowanie cen... Minimalna ilość: 1 szt. Wielokrotność: 1 szt. Ilość: szt. Dostępność: (5 szt.) Sprawdź datę dostawy. Negocjuj cenę Kupuję. Dodaj do obserwowanych. Dodano do ...

3SP CO 1000 Package 110109


3SP_CO_1000 Package 110109 For Sensor 100102 February 2016 Low Humidity – SPEC CO sensors have been tested under low humidity conditions to ensure stable response during intermittent exposure to very dry conditions. As shown in figure at right, presenting data collected over 3 months in <10%RH, the response of the sensor is

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SPEC’s Screen Printed ElectroChemicalsensor technology revolutionizes the current state of the art, ... 3SP_CO_1000. PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of the SPEC Standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. CROSS SENSITIVITY Gas/Vapor Concentration Typical ...

SPEC CO Kohlenmonoxidsensor 3SP_CO_1000 Paket 110102


Am beliebtesten SPEC CO Kohlenmonoxidsensor 3SP_CO_1000 Paket 110102 1 Rezensionen. US 6%. US . Marke: Bestellungen: 0: Bestände: 100 (May 28, 2021) Laden: Sounds Good Store: Kaufen. Beschreibung; Spezifikation; Beschreibung. Spezifikation. Related Produkte. CM450DX24S. US %. Smart Home Automation Sensor Zwelle licht dimmer dimmen …

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SPEC Sensors3SPCO1000,。,。 ,,,,。 、3SPCO1000:

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Air quality modules with Nordic nRF52840. Thread network (OpenThread). TheThingsIO. Sensirion. SPEC Sensors. ST Microelectronics. cellabox/cellabox

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SPEC Sensors offers highly accurate measurements of NO2, SO2, H2S, CO, and Ozone. Our customers are developing technology in home and office safety, as well as providing city infrastructure for air quality and air pollution management. Breath Analysis. Public demand for breath analysis is growing in fields related to health detection. New technology is needed to bring breath analysis to the ...

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· SPEC Sensors'' 3SP_CO_1000 has been independently tested by UL and determined that it conforms to UL STD 2034, and UL STD 2075. The ULrecognized component mark means that OEMs can feel confident designing products using SPEC Sensors'' 3SP_CO_1000 and other sensors. Carbon Monoxide Sensor Features : Small size with low profile (20 x 20 x mm) Long life (10 years …

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